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Is troubleshooting a lost art? Finding the root cause can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Ideally, when you have an electrical problem, hiring a electrical company that prides itself on consummate troubleshooting skills may in fact have positive implications; thus, impacting the bottom line in terms of costs and the resolution. Savings realized by consumers is a direct result of expert troubleshooting that leads the electrician to finding the root cause of the problem, which could lead to a simple repair as opposed to unnecessary and costly replacement of electrical apparatus.


When hiring an electrical contractor, it is important to qualify if the organization is focused on new construction or troubleshooting and repairs. 

Here at Source Electric Services, our mission is to provide expert electrical troubleshooting and repair work for our customers.

Smart Home Concept

Are you interested in intelligent switching and control of appliances and lights?

In the past, home automation was an expensive option for homeowners; but today, smart devices affords users the comfort and efficiency at a fraction of the cost. Rather than using a centralized system for automation of your home, smart switching can be installed and synchronized with cellphones and configurations saved on the cloud seamlessly.

Do you want to add a light switch where no wiring exists; or, do you want to control a light on the other side of your home from your bedroom? Save money – Wireless smart switches are a great alternative to pulling wire.


Source Electric Services will guide you through your options by identifying products that is suitable to your Smart Home needs.


Do you have Backup power needs?

Portable generators today along with proper wiring and configuration is a very affordable solution as well as convenient to utilize during power outages. A properly sized portable generator for your home can produce power for most essential loads; and when it eventually needs to be repaired or replaced, Portable generators are very easy to replace. Portable generators tend to be fuel efficient if sized properly. For example a typical 13 KW or 13,000 watt rated generator may consume 180 gallon tank of fuel in three days; this of course varies depending on how much load is being drawn by the loads in home.


Let Source Electric Service help you through the process of properly sizing a generator for your home.



Melbourne Beach Electrical: Consulting Company
Our Dedicated Team of Professionals

Melbourne Beach electrical company, specializing in repair, consulting, design, and troubleshooting, is dedicated to delivering top-notch services to its clientele. With a team of experienced professionals, we ensure that every project is handled with precision and expertise. Whether it’s resolving electrical issues, providing consultation on new installations, designing tailored solutions, or troubleshooting complex systems, Melbourne Beach Electrical is committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.


Complex Electrical Problems

For both complex and straightforward electrical issues, our team at Source Electric Services, LLC, based in Melbourne Beach Electrical: Repair, Consulting, Design, Troubleshoot, serves the Treasure Coast of Florida and parts of the Orlando area. We employ a systematic approach to troubleshooting, encompassing three pragmatic steps:

  • Identifying the electrical problem(s)
  • Isolating the wiring
  • Executing the necessary repairs or offering a recommended resolution.
Forrest White, CEO, Source Electric Services

As an accomplished and successful executive business leader in the electrical industry, my passion is ultimately fueled by the desire to help; to help customers navigate the complexities associated with electrical problems.